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The Creative music artist with sound, speech, lyrics, ect, that are amazing because its actually different from others, of course everybody want to sound different but everybody don't sound good.... I spent the beginning of my music career trying to give people what the want instead of what they need. If you don't understand why I say certain thing then ask me what I meant and maybe you'll understand and love the song, but im focused on opening all window for myself and whom ever else follows my path.. and rap/hiphop music is not my boundaries im going to be working with other genres as well, so be on the lookout for new genres and sounds from me... Also the picture you see was made by me, its the cover of my upcoming mixtape and the story behind the cover is, me expressing my creativeness with music, designs, art, sounds, and thinking and I want to be seen as an "creator creating creative creations", instead of just another music artist I bring more and have more to offer!

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