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Dion Henderson aka, Shorty Showbiz was born on the South side of Chicago to a single parent mom of two. At the time his mom was only fifteen. His mom felt like she didn't have the support that she needed at home with her mom so she moved to the west side of Chicago with her grandmother Big Momma. Big Momma opened her doors up to Shorty his mom and his little brother. It didn't last for long because Big Momma's building was being taken by the City of Chicago which meant Shorty and family had to find another place to stay. While attending GED classes, working, and taking care of two kids, Shorty's mom managed to find an apartment for her family. They moved to one of the roughest areas on the West side of Chicago 3121 W. Madison. It was there on the West side that Shorty started to build character and swag. His mom had to work, so it was Shorty's responsibility to make sure him and his little brother made it to school. Although his school was only a couple of blocks away, within those couple of blocks he witnessed gang fights, drug dealing, purses being snatched, and shoot outs. It was like 1986 when hip-hop was starting to take off and crack rock had hit the streets. The fast-lane and being flashy was second nature to Shorty, his community and neighborhood bred teenagers that made enough money to buy brand new motorcycles and cars, Shorty had the look the background and the style, all he was missing was the flow to become a hip-hop artist. His mom's brother James had moved in with them, when Shorty returned home from school James would be watching videos on BET. The era when RUN DMC, LL COOL J and Eric B & Rakim flooded the air waves. Shorty had fell in love with the gold chains, the flashiness and the attention that hip-hop got from the girls. Shorty started putting his own flows together but around this time his mom felt that the west-side was to dangerous so she packed-up and bought a house on the south-east side of Chicago. It wasn't until age of 14 Shorty's freshmen year in high school that he started to take his career seriously. He hooked-up with his producer name Luke who stayed in the Robert Taylor's one of Chicago's notorious projects. He released a few songs with Luke and got a great response from the streets, which led to the interest of an investor name Fred Coleman. Fred was an entrepreneur from the streets and with his help Shorty accomplished career milestones. Such as performing on tour with DMX, opening for 50 Cent, Eve and also performed in showcases for 92.3 radio station in Chicago. Beyond rap he has modeled urban fashion for playboy, appeared in Jet magazine and MTV's Ja Rule Diary. This rapper/entrepreneur is well on his way to becoming an entertainment industry mogul supported by a solid team of industry professionals. With street credibility and industry connections Shorty Showbiz has built a solid following that is destined to propel him to super stardom

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