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Skrill Gates music is all about the message, although it has its “Gangsta Rap” edge, there is always a message within it. Growing up in the ghetto hoods of Oakland California never having a real sense of a childhood and Forced to grow up entirely too fast, basically becoming a man at the age 15 where he began to fend for himself. All of this fuels Skrill to motivate, educate, empower, and brake chains that create statics within urban communities. Being around music most of his life and developing his love for it watching Tony Toni Tone’ create some of their early music. It was the beginning of a lifestyle he didn’t even know that he loved. Music has always been a passion and Skrill first fell in love with the business, although he always had the talent, it was untapped. Gates never aspired to be like “Mike”, he was more interested in being like the man who signed “Mike’s” checks. After losing financially investing time and money into other artist, Skrill decided to become the artist himself. Growing up influenced by artist such as, The Tony’s, Too Short, Scarface, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Master P, and various underground artist, Skrill eventually grew into his own as an artist. Skrill studied the craft so that he could perfect it in his own right. Watching their business practices took priority giving Skrill the advantage of raw talent, with a business mind, he understood early that it’s called “The Music BUSINESS”. Skrill developed a name for himself in the streets and always maintaining nice clothes, and nicer cars. “Skrill”, being an urban term meaning money. Hints to mention how he got the name “Skrill”. He’s always been about the business, Bill Gates being one of the wealthiest businessmen on the planet, was a great play on words. Bill, rhyming with Skrill just sounded natural and it’s been Skrill Gates ever since.
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