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"Young, Fly & Flashy" is the motto for this lyrical genius they call "Smilez". Rising to the top as unsigned hype we caught up with "Smilez" for and interview. Name: Smilez Age: 22 Reppin': Elizabeth City, NC Interviewer: Who would you say your style and/or skills have been compared to? Smilez: I really cant compare myself to anyone (laughs) and I don't want to be compared. For the most part though I say I sound like myself. Interviewer: What would you say we can expect from this upcoming mixtape "ALL WORK, NO PLAY"? Smilez: What you can expect is me. I put my all on this mixtape and well the project speaks for itself. Interviewer: Who can we expect to hear on this mixtape? Smilez: (Laughs) Me. I'm just playing but, um I got my DJ (Protege) up there, KO, Nina Carter will be making her debut to. Interviewer: So how will you change the game in the near future? Smilez: Man I really couldn't tell you. I'm really spontaneous so you'll just have to see. (Laughs) Interviewer: So what will be your goal in Hip-Hop once you get your foot through the door? Smilez: Well I got a wife and two kids so I would say my goal is to continuously succeed so that I can provide for them. Interviewer: Wow, looks like you do have alot to work for. Now as we come to a close I have one more question. Smilez: OK. Shoot. Interviewer: Who is Smilez? Smilez: Smilez is me. A product of my environment that has chosen to rise above poverty and struggle. Smilez is the messenger of hard work and dedication to rise above it all and let no one stand in the way of my success. To check out more of my music go to:, @smilezmusicwrld (twitter), (facebook) © Copyright 2012
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