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All I'm hoping to do is be the best that I can be, and show the world that they can do it to. They way I do it just happens to be through the power of music and inspiration. I'm hoping I can open the minds of the whole world. Target Audience? Mine is everybody in the world. I want that Eminem status, where every part of your craft is perfected and is enjoyed by the majority of ages of the world even though he is a rapper. Kids love him. Mums and Dads love him. **bleep** even my grandparents are starting to like him.  Like I said, the goal is to be the most positively influential, iconic figure in the world, through the use of my music. All I ask is that you give me the time. I'm the most humble kid you will ever meet, and I give everybody the exact amount of time and energy they deserve, because we are all equal, regardless of colour, race, or location.  Thank you for even the time and opportunity to talk about such a topic. I'm hoping to have an incredible effect on the world, whether I blow up or not. Thank y'all. I love you all and wish the the upmost power and success to all of you and your future endeavours.   Smiles :)

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