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Born 12-24 from Chicago Illinois grew up on the southside, started to hustle at a very young age. by the time I was outta high school I had already had a reputation for being a consistent hustler and a dedicated member for the 4 corner hustlers. By that time mother had already moved us to the outskirts of the Chi to a suburb called River Dale Illinois, where I really put in work and took over the whole town selling 2 for 5. My business had started to expand before you know it I had a very large portion of the South suburbs and the wild wild 100s. By this time I was 22yrs old and a vet in the game. Having cars, women, clientèle and $ I had created a lot of haters. so of course niggas got together and conspired on me. Guess they figured if we get him out the way we can take his spot. I ended up getting shot in the head with a 40cal point blank range in the face. The bullet entered in my left eye and exited out the right side of my head. woke up to doctors saying I was a miracle but could be blind for the rest of my life. The news was shocking but I didn't let it shake me, that very moment I started planning. I healed up for a year next thing you know I was right back at the $ blind wit chauffeurs workers and security, took my trap back with no sight My spot got raided I went to jail got out and turned my life around started living for my kids. That's when I found I had a hidden talent in rapping, Since then been putting in mad work spitting my life on these tracks #RNS #?? Don't forget to go check out my new mixtape #OUTNOW on all streaming platforms here's some links..., [Mixtape] @Solid4rio - Mind Of A Hustla :: Dec. 17th! @IndyTapes @DJShonChicago @WeMajorTheMVMT Listen to Mind of a Hustla by Rio Da Hustla on Napster: Listening to @Rio Da Hustla 'Mind Of A Hustla' using My Mixtapez app Check out Mind Of A Hustla on Spinrilla.
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