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Statik G grew up in a small city in the middle of a desolate state. After being born in Alaska, his parents moved to Casper, WY where he'd spend most of his youth. His childhood and teenage years were filled with anger, violence, and petty crime, but it soon grew into robberies, brawls, and drug dealing with his crew at the time. Statik would spend most of his life after 11 on probation and stuck in the black hole that is the system. His environment was toxic, but not more so than his own mind. Statik G would battle addiction for over a decade. Whether it was alcohol, pills, weed, coke, ecstacy - it never mattered. He just wanted to shut his brain up. Most of his music was considered a cry for help, but he always considered it a voice for the broken.He describes the area he was in was the biggest barrier to overcome at first, until it became a strength over time. After 6 years of rapping, recording, and performing there, he knew he had to do something different to succeed. Not much changed until he got his 4th DUI. The mental patient's drug abuse and bumps with the law took their toll on his sanity and he stacked a hefty amount of charges along the way, but the last DUI could put another few years hold on taking his music to the level it should be. Statik worked tirelessly to find a way to use this set back as a major step forward. The drive to not slow down his music any further, and to not land on drug court lead him to finally move to Colorado like he dreamed. With 3 years of probation to carry, he dove into the underground''''s scene by touring nationally with other underground acts and labels. Where most stop and celebrate for their first tour, Statik hit 5 more that year. While he was building his own name and music career, he and his team were hard at work shaping a new movement that focused on the music above everything else. What was then known as Statik ENT, and what started as a vessel for Statik G to sharpen his focus on all things music, became RhymeSick. The RhymeSick Nation houses some of the underground''''s most diverse, unique, and gifted artists in the underground right now that are clocking in work day and night to push the movement and share their art. Statik G is the definition of a diverse rapper. From his meticulous word placements with multis, to his double timing, to his singing, he''''s not holding back his talents anymore - or his opinions. Statik started as a basement rapper, went from that to an internet rapper, then to a local rapper and on to local hero, and from that to a national touring artist. There aren''''t many that have the drive and talent that he has; those that do have probably already made it, are already on their way, or aren''''t doing it right. After touring and grinding so hard, people started talking about Statik G alot more. He eventually signed with an underground horrorcore/hip hop label known as LSP and is now an artist for that label on top of his duties as President of RhymeSick and managing his artists. We are the Ghost of Hip Hop. Going back to what matters most: the music and the message. We carry some of the dopest talent you''''ve never heard and keep coming back twice as hard every release - if you don''''t know the name, you will. Join the movement and stay FREE! '''' If you want to know more about Statik G, RS, and our artists, head to: for merchandise check out: #StartStatik #RhymeSickNation #TeamSnuff

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