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Steel is an innovative artist from a scene slowly on the rise...THE D.M.V. He hopes to bring a little flavor to this hip hop game without managing to latch on to the simplistic styles of rappers with predictable flows and mediocur hooks. Steel started taking his rapping seriously in the mid-90's an hasn't stopped since. He got his start with a group called T.D.L(The Demon Lot), and branched out to work with other artists. He Is now making progress with a group named "Dub-T". which consist of three artists: Trus Real, Leroy Brown, and himself, as well as producer K.P. Together they are currently finishing up their second album entitled "Balance" (release date to be determined). After being in a group for sometime now, he wants to "spread his wings" or "get his feet wet" so to speak. He did that by releasing his first solo mixtape entitled "This Is What I Do" (October 2010), which won him "Best Male Emcee Of 2010" by EastCoastFlavor. He feels this project showcases his smooth elusive delivery with songs like: "The Pretty Girlz MDmix" and "Transform Ya MDmix"; as well as shows his versatility as an artist by integrating Soul and R&B into his music with songs like: "For U(Brand New remix)" and "That Thang". This young artist refuses to just settle for being put in a category where he has to stick to one style or genre. He has collaborated with an elite supergroup in his native hometown of Montgomery County,Maryland to create "The Coalition". Together they released their mixtape "LunchRoomBulliesVol.1", which made a statement within the first few weeks by getting great reviews and a couple thousand downloads on their official website, and He is also working on his solo debut album entitled "On My Way" (release date to be determined). He has also released his sophmore mixtape entitled "This Is What I Do Pt.2-Steel On My Sh*t " (November 2013 on ReverbNation). With the help of his crew members, he has added ghost writing and producing to his repertoire. It's only a matter of time before this young up-and-coming artist gets his time to shine and takes the game by storm! Since the streets are always talking, it won't be long before your hear the name "Steel". Contact Info Twitter : @Mista_Steel Instagram : @Mista_Steel FaceBook : Email : Personal#(301)455-9158 #LetsWork Ghostwriter/Composer/songwriter ,part of @thecoalition301/LiveCityENT #MoCo #MD #TreOhOne #TeamSteel #StainlessSteel #JackDaTrackRippa #TeamLiveCity

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