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Born in Birmingham, Alabama, young mogul Eric Flood put himself on a path to success through his positivity, intelligent insight and natural talent from an early age. Beginning to form a solid connection to music, Eric went on to create intense lyrical combinations during his teenage years and display an incredible gift for lyricism. After refining his talent to a sharp precision, in 2008 Eric Flood took the love of his craft to the next level; realizing that he was born with specific talents to entertain that couldn’t be ignored – he began to step into the music-scene to test the waters as solo-artist Sublyminal. Releasing his debut album Controlling My Own Destiny in 2010 marked the new-beginning and Sublyminal’s fan-base expanded rapidly over the next two years to follow. Taking his diverse & versatile rhymes and smooth-flow to the microphones on stages locally and nationwide; Sublyminal made a name for himself quickly with his dynamic stage presence and incredibly adaptable lyrical precision. With a move to Atlanta, Sublyminal expanded his music and talent into an entire brand – Eminent Muzic Group. Making moves in his career with the same confidence & precision found in his rap, Sublyminal began to thrive through his intense music and equally driven marketing & promotion strategies. Shortly after, Sublyminal would start to unleash his creativity and lyrical poetry once again with the release of his second full-length album, Inspiration, to anticipating music fans around the globe. Currently writing, creating and recording new material for his third album entitled Seven - to be released in late 2015. Sublyminal’s latest music reflects the hard-work he’s put into his career and how much he continues to evolve as an artist & all-around entertainer. In other words…the best is still yet to come.

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