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SWAYNE C.O.P.D SWAYNEC.O.P.D, is a Motivational Hip-Hop Artist and the first and only person on Earth to record 17 Projects with a Trach Tube in use. SWAYNEC.O.P.D wrote his first rhymes in 1983, after hearing "Krush Groove" (Sucka MC's). And since his original style is Tongue Twisters and Runs, the style RUN of RUNDMC had, was the spark that lit a 40 Year flame, which spread in an unstoppable way in 1998, after Throat Surgery, due to a 70% blockage in his airway. SWAYNEC.O.P.D believes in being himself, even at the expense of passing up on the opportunity to make the \"Big Bucks\" like so many Hip-Hop Artists today. He takes his responsibility of being a positive example to his Children, Family, and all People, very seriously. In closing, We leave you with SWAYNE's Battle Cry: "Who Better To Motivate You With Their VOICE, Than A Person Who Isn't Supposed To Have A VOICE?" -SWAYNEC.O.P.D



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