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Dontae Huey A.K.A Tae Bleezie is a 24 year old independent handicap rapper, producer, writer, and originally from the Bronx NY who got his start in the entertainment industry at the very young age of 6. He was even told by two of the world’s greatest rap artist Mr. Dougie Fresh and LL Cool J to “Keep Writing” because someday people will listen and hear the talent in which he possessed. It was at that moment that he really decided to pursue a career in music. He recently released his first solo project titled “Name in Light’s” this past February. Recording from his laptop and playing the songs he was writing for his friends and family, Tae saw a positive reaction. His Mom and his uncle were the first to hear his music and even though they really didn’t have the money, they put their heads together and brought him his first microphone and Magix recording software. Still recording with Magix, Tae gathered skill as a songwriter and producer, taking his influences like, Dr. Dre, KRS-One, Kriss-Kross and the late Notorious B.I.G and them to create his own style. “He grew up with a lot of Hip-Hop,” Tae explains, “His mom use to dance for Dougie Fresh back in the day” So he naturally fell in love with that style of music. Tae also thanks his older brother for being another one of his biggest influences he says ‘His big brother did a little bit of music in the past and he always begged for feature and he kept saying no you’re not ready yet” that made Tae push himself even harder as he began to write rhythm’s and create new beats daily, sometimes without sleeping he’d be in his room with the beat playing and a pen or pad in his hand. As His Name grew in the Delaware area, the pieces began to fall in place for Tae. He began working with local artist and producers from the city like, Problum Child, Yung E and he’s currently working on a feature with Swish Maddi. Battling at School and in clubs helped him earn some much needed noteriaty to begin rapping for bigger crowds. Recording continuously Tae hooked with Stephanie Jiles at Chy Management and began recording for his solo project. Together they managed to get one of Tae’s songs played on Svmix radio back in March of 2012 and since then; she has worked to help him see his “Name in Light’s”. The freedom of working with Ms. Jiles has allowed him to self-produce Name in Lights as well as the space to experiment while making it. He reflects, “There is a lot of trial and error that goes into making an album. The songwriting is more detailed; He says “He spent months on certain songs refining them until he thought they were just right.” He recently decided to take his love for music a step further when picked up Fruity Loops he gave himself the name “Bleezie Beatz” as he began to produce tracks for other artist in his Chy Management camp such as Tomi Webber and Big D and is currently in the process of working with QB Entertainment as well. He was recently chosen for 2014-2015 Unsigned247 Tour which is scheduled to begin this coming July he’ll be gone for about a month with chances of performing in 15-20 cities in the U.S as well as London and Europe. Tae also has earned a spot in this February’s issue of Unvealed Magazine reports claimed “He was one the hottest new artist to step out and tear up the scene.” He is now in the process of shooting a new video for his next single “Bottle after Bottle” filmed by close friend LRPTV this coming summer. He also has upcoming photo-shoot with Delaware’s own Nixon Images to promote his current Name in Light’s project and his up and coming second mix tape titled “T.A.E Truth And Emotions” which is scheduled to drop this summer right before he leaves for his tour. Tae is getting ready to go on the road to hone his live performance skills and promote his album performing in front of large crowds gain momentum. Tae says. He’s ready and excited to see what happens when he steps on stage and being heard is something he’s wanted his whole life.

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