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TestKaSe is Hip-hop artist, lyricist, and poet. She writes, make beats, raps, produces, and mix and masters all her own stuff. Born and raised in Martinez, Ca. She moved around after the age of 20, from Lake county to Las Vegas, NV to L.A. County back to the Lake. Now residing in the Cali capital, Sacramento, Ca. TestKaSe started writing poetry around the age of 13 and has kept nearly every piece of writing. TestKaSe never really took any formal music training, besides a year of guitar and a year of piano when she was a teen. She is pretty much self taught. She has a vision of having her own INC or ENT or something with the name True Kali, getting a bunch of talented like minded artists together and doing GOOD things. At the moment she is working with BoGard and Angie B. who are very talented and driven. TestKaSe always knew her creativity was her calling. She has always said "without music I would die, that statement makes full and total since to me now because this music thing I NEED it. I have to do it. It is so freeing and with every beat my heart beats stronger. Through the years of struggle and health problems, I know that this is what I need to do to LIVE. I love all this right here and I AM GOING TO do it regardless. One Soul y''''all CAUSE I believe that!" Keep an eye out for TestKaSe and an ear open!
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Test KaSe at the Blue Lamp. Photo Cred Stem Snaps

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