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He Can’t Qit because to him Life is an Infinite Hustle. His name is Tezmino Corleone…but for those who are aware of his artistic ability when it comes to composing music that is catchy and out the box, this Windy City native is known as Mino. Hailing from Chicago Illinois’s Southside Dearborn Projects, eventually being uprooted his parents relocated him and his 5 siblings North to endure the equally cold streets of Milwaukee Wisconsin, there after moving to the small city of Beloit Wisconsin. Being exposed to poverty and struggle all of his life, and with a deepening affection for the streets and to its ideologies of fast life Mino wanted more and deciding to put his feet in the game. After subsequently being sentenced for Delivery of Narcotics and while serving 5 years of that 8 year prison sentence within various prison walls throughout the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Mr. Mino refused to allow the system to control his mind so he dove into his own world…his world, music. Never one known for a stagnant mind he began to read all genres of literature in mass amounts and soon his life and the struggles of who he was, who he had become and who he desired to become turned into a passionate and vehement expression which soon took hold of him in the form of music. Building a reputation throughout the D.O.C. representing the 608 area code to the fullest by dropping nasty cyphers on the prison yards, outshining other would be rappers with his uncanny on point delivery, sarcastic humor with an eerie hint of seriousness, preforming at talent showcases judged by his penitentiary peers he soon became equally respected as one of them "Anti-Social Associates" from BCity who could go hard when it can to spitting. . Not then realizing it, being incarcerated would play a major part in his life and the connections made while dwelling within the belly of the beast would ultimately lead to The Awakening of his life, thus shaping the project for his first album intitled "the Awakening. Shortly after moving from Rock County to Madison Wisconsin, his ability to formulate his thoughts onto a track so eloquently would lead to one of Madison’s well known Rap artist and C.E.O. of Cant Qit Records catching wind of his raw unorthodox rhyming capability and welcoming him into the CQ Family. Sightings of Mr. Mino in several videos alongside of Wolygator formerly known as PwolCqceo and Sex & B innovator J Diamondzz as well as at Hip Hop venues and” places to be, “ begin to lead to the peeked curiosity of fellow madisonites and Midwest Hip Hop heads alike. A Heavy personal internet networking grind, internet radio rotation on many internet social and music sights, appearances on Madison’s 89.9 WORT with Wolygator hosted by Dj Big Juice and by Dj Double D, acting alongside of Wolygator in Madison Wisconsin’s hit summer show Woly’s World and debuting his hot single called “In Command” track featuring Wolygotor courtesy of the Woly’s World sound and performing at the Woly’s World Red Carpet event further more solidifying the fact that he has finally arrived on the hip hop scene. What u can expect from me…. to the best of my ability….all that I can give to you of myself, no more no less. I am who I am who I am not I will never be. And I am True 2 Life 4 Life and Life is an Infinite Hustle so I Can’t Qit…til the death of me.

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