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Born just outside of Champagne,IL in June of 1981, this artist has gathered his style from all over. Raised in the Chicago area and moved to the south as a young teen. Though just about everything that could happen has, he has kept pushing. Forming Convicted Entertainment in 2004 things progressed upward, online magazine articles, #1 spots on charts, 13 C2C mixtapes, and it goes on from there until 2015. After a 2 year hiatus Tha Veteran returned with a different sound("Resurrection" PMG2018). He writes, records, mixes, and masters his own tracks. As if that wasn't enough he also shot, directed and edited his music videos. As the years passed the style changed, but the witty, smooth,and intelligent lyrics remained. After a decade this artist has been reborn, He has had 10 years to get things figured out. One problem after another has prevented him from releasing an album and doing shows. Now that the problems are all gone lookout music industry Tha Veteran is comin !! More to come soon so stay posted!
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Go Hard (or Go Home)

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