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The name is Jarred Reginald Chatman, I was born in Jacksonville FL, November 23, 1987. I have lived in Jacksonville pretty much all my life, I grew up as a military child meaning we moved around quite a bit. After graduating from High School I shortly moved to Texas where I attended college at Southwestern Christian College I resided in Texas for about two years before moving back to Jacksonville. Shortly after returning to Jacksonville I made a move up to Atlanta GA where I resided from 2007-2009 before coming back to Jacksonville for good. I have been singing for about 14 years now I would say. It all started in church. Not to sound cocky or anything but I am well known around my city so yes, I would consider myself to be a local celebrity. I have had the opportunity to audition for American Idol twice the first time was in 2004 in Memphis Tennessee and the second time was 2006 in Jacksonville FL where I advanced through to the Hollywood auditions and at that point is when I got cut. Also I have appeared on the Montel Williams show back in 2008 alongside my mother, father and brother due to my mother having MS (multiple sclerosis) to acknowledge the difficulties of living with Ms. I realized as I was growing up I had a musical talent and have taken advantage of it ever since. I was about 15 when I released my very first record. The reason I got into music is because I am addicted to it. Music just plays through my head all day everyday it is a way of life for me. I consider music my passion, it’s all I know it’s in my heart and soul to pursue this as my dream. In about two years I see my career just opening up for me as an artist. I plan to break my way through to the music industry and one day being nominated for new artist of the year, so in other words I see myself living well. I come from a huge family my mother’s side of the family is from Jacksonville FL, while my father’s side of the family is from Chicago IL. I have family through Seattle, Chicago, Texas, Florida and Detroit. I stay very close to my family simply because you never know when your last day will be. I consider myself to be different from all the other artist’s simply because I am myself. I do not try to pretend to be somebody or something I’m not, what you see is what you get. My style is unique it’s different, its J-chat when It comes down to writing my music it all comes straight from the heart so you know my music is real. I have a very tight knit circle there stand about 5 people within my circle. There’s no need to name names because they all know who they are. I am inspired by Usher, The one and only great Michael Jackson, Avant, Case, Luther Vandross, Al Green, Fred Hammond, Joe, Tyreese, and many more. If I was given the opportunity to work with ANY artist dead or alive I would have to say I actually have a few choices. One being Michael Jackson simply because he is a musical genius, My second choice would have to be R Kelly he is just a beast at what he does he is very skilled and last but not least would have to be Trey Songz.

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