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Feel the sound of Frankfurt/London/Moscow combination! Listen how garage rock collides with breakbeat! Let’s play grunge on the field of minimal techno! And luxury underground electronica... The Sables – underground electronica group formed by some members of one of Moscow hip-hop flavas and frontman of international garage-rock band “Untitled Group”, which supported “Bloc Party” back in the day. The Sables was played by the DJ for the first time in “Cocoon Club” of Frankfurt, where the lead singer lives, in August of 2015. Musicians are interested in the hardest paths of EDM: breaks, big-beat, minimal techno, downtempo, IDM, experimental. Since 2016 the band has undergone line-up changes. In August of 2016 The Sables released underground rapcore EP "Only for The Freaks" with young and talented alternative hip-hop sound producer Tyrone Lamar, the cousin of Kendrick Lamar.
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