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The up and coming new super group TNGI is comprised of two members, C-Blue and SoFlow Feliz. When you sit with them you automatically feel their drive and dedication through the intensity they speak with. Being the older of the two, C-Blue moved from Jacksonville, NC to Jacksonville, FL in 1999. He developed his style by applying cultures of both cities he lived in. Creating lyrical verses was a must but also understanding the importance of having a fresh beat for people to vibe to. SoFlow, being somewhat of a traveler at a young age grabbed a bit of style from each city he went through. He was born in TX then moved to NC, VA, MD and finally FL. he is very well rounded when it comes to understanding the art of music development. After linking up at their night job, they began to build a bond and started recording together. With the chemistry between the two of them, they discovered that they had the same vision and things began to click. With Blue and Flow seeing their share of trouble with the law before linking up, they vowed to never be locked up again. They agreed to work together to see their dream come true.

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