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Antonio J. Smith Jr (Born August 7 1989,) better known by his stage name "Tone Butta" a.k.a "Da Bluntman" for being straight forward and abrupt with his words, is an upcoming Hip Hop Artist and also a Spoken Word Poet from Washington D.C and the D.M.V area. Raised in the Urban parts of the Nation's Capitol, Tone Butta became a talented and gifted young man who couldn't seem to shake the enticing and dangerous lifestyle of the streets. Always keeping his pen and pad by his side as he grew older, he found an outlet from the troublesome activities of the street life in the city and wrote rhymes and poetry every chance that he could get. After many trails and unexpected encounters he faced growing up, he finally decided to give his life to Jesus Christ and began to change his God given talent to Rap from a negative to a positive outlook on life. Now, he is on a mission to become a light to those who are still stuck in the darkness by using his gift to Rap and speak poetry in a powerful uplifting way, being relatable to those who have took a walk on both sides of the fence, Good and Bad. He captivates his listeners with spitting lyrics and speaking about real life situations that we as people in society go through everyday, and about the trials he faced in life and how GOD delivered him out of the darkness using titles on his CD's and Projects like; Old Testament and New Testament explaining about his life before he was saved and after.

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