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Pittsburgh, PA based artist Tony Blonko fell in love with music at an early age. In and out of lock up since 13 years old. Drug dealer turned artist used music as an outlet to escape and cope with life's ups and downs. What started as a hobby, turned dream, then reality when Tony started doing shows around the city of Pittsburgh to grow his buzz. It wasn't long til Tony started networking and hitting other major citys and putting out his album: Reckless and Unorthodox Vol 1 which put Tony Blonko in every store worldwide to grown his brand. Tony will stop at nothing to go down in history in the forever growing music industry. Tony Blonko is a versatile artist with many styles of rhythm and his poetic nature speaks in volumes. Tony's ability to create great music is a "Breeze of fresh air". An artist that truly has something to say with his hustlers ambition, Tony has what it takes to make it in the music business. Tony Blonko is a rap artist who has amazing stage presence, charisma, and charm. Tony knows how to excite a crowd can relate with his audience and is a regular casanova with the ladies. A natural entertainer and rare talent in his trade.

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