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Tony Blonko, also known as Anthony Dravon Hill, is an American rapper, poet, songwriter and entrepreneur. Anthony was born on August 10, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tony had a tumultuous upbringing, with his mother being murdered when he was only about nine years old. Still today, the murder is unsolved. After the death of his mother, Tony and his siblings were raised by their grandparents, Alice Hill and Lester Bridges in Pittsburgh’s infamous Larimer, East Liberty and McKeesport neighborhoods. From a young age, Tony had the odds stacked against him. Growing up without a mother affected him mentally and physically, and to escape, Tony turned to the hard streets of Larimer. At the age of thirteen, he was put in a youth center and then incarcerated. This is when Tony moved to music as an outlet from the hardships and pain. Legal issues continued throughout his adolescence, which led into his adulthood. In 2017, Tony was sentenced to three years in a Pennsylvania State Prison. During that time, Tony took time to write and put the pain on paper. When he was released thirty one months later, Tony hit the studio, and put those papers and pain from just words into thought provoking lyrics and music. With this astonishing growth Tony Blonko has become one of the most versatile artists in the game. Unwavering drive and passion for music continues to drive him, and fuels him to always go bigger and harder. He is never afraid to express his poetic raw nature with rhythm and style. Known for his lyrical punchlines, quick nature and outside the box thinking, which can be found on his latest album “Anger Management”. This has led Tony to be referred to as a “breeze of fresh air”, “different”, and always willing to put on for the love of music. For more on this lyrical genius, check out Tony’s social media, music platforms and website. For booking information, please email

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