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Tony Blonko is a east coast artist a lyricist punchline rapper. artist with a southern twist, a storyteller. Born Anthony D Hill in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. At an early age Tony used music as an outlet to deal with life on the streets and cope with the heartache of the murder of his mother when he was just seven years old. From singing in the choir at a Pentecostal church to rapping on the block with neighborhood friends, Tony perfected his talent and formed a deep love for music. Originally known as Sin-Cyti in 2005, he started rapping with two of his friends from his home town. They formed a group called On The Low(OTL). As a group he recorded number of mixed tapes and performed in shows locally. Do to personal reasons and group members not seeing eye to eye the group soon broke up. Tony then decided to change his name to Tony Blonko and continue on as a solo artist. Presently as a solo artist Tony is working on major distribution and finding the right label. You can get samples of Tony Blonko's work on soundcloud, reverbnation, facebook, and Twitter. Tony Blonko is a rap artist who has amazing stage presence, charisma, and charm. Tony knows how to excite a crowd can relate with his audience and is a regular casanova with the ladies. A natural entertainer and rare talent in his trade.

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