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Tricey is an up-and-coming songwriter who is already getting noticed in the music industry. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Tricey’s devotion to songwriting stems from her love of writing that developed as she watched her older brother write as they were growing up. Taking that love of writing into the classroom, Tricey quickly became known at her high school as a writer of poems, even having some of her poems read at her highs school graduation ceremony in 2010. When her 12th grade high school administrator gave her a shout out from the podium during the ceremony she knew she was on the right path and that writing was her future. Turning her focus to music, Tricey began writing songs and already has a number of hit songs in her portfolio, including “Orbit” and covers of hits like “Ambition” and “Power.” Her song writing skills have drawn that attention of many in the music industry and Tricey is often asked to perform her written songs in public at venues like Webster Hall on numerous occasions. Tricey names artists like Lauryn Hill and Tupac as her greatest influences and she hopes to one day very soon be writing for today’s biggest stars. Given how far she has come, that seems to be a good bet.

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