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I'm 26 years young, and I've been rappin' since I was 13. I was born in Houston, Tx, and was raised in 2nd Ward, on tha East End of town. I was very into music at an ealry age... ALL KINDS of MUSIC! Dance, R&B, Tejano, Cumbias, Merengue, Reggaeton, Techno, Gangsta Rap, Classic Rock, Country Rap Tunes, Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop... Shit, pretty much anything that made my head nod and my body move. I especially loved it if I could relate to it! I also loved writing in Elementary. I always looked forward to writing essays, short stories or poems for school, cause I knew I'd shine! I started writing Poems on my own in Middle School though. I was a teenager going through alotta crazy shit and fucked up feelings that alotta my peers couldn't grasp yet, so I ventilated through my writings. I knew someone who was into Freestylin' and Rappin' 'round that time, and when I read her my poems, she said, "If you can write like that, you CAN Rap!" Lol, at tha time, I NEVER even thought about Rappin'! But once I learned how to ride a beat and count these barrs, tha rest was History, and U-NeeK WAS BORN! I started recording at 14 wit a couple cats, and by 15, I was having my 1st show at the GEORGE I. BROWN Convention Center in Downtown Houston, TX, at tha BUMPER-2-BUMPER Carshow! I was amongst some of H-Town's Hardest Hittaz like Scarface, Slim Thug, Lil' Flip and Chamillionaire! Though that was so overwhelming and more than an honor, it still wasn't enough to keep me off these H-Town streets, and I put music on the backburner. I didn't start focusing on my Music and my Writing again until about 4 years ago. I started writing, recording a little, did a couple small shows by myself, and before I knew it, I started to catch some Ears again. My click, HONGREE RECORDS, found me in 2011, and it's been ON ever since! Since then, I've been doin' shows at venues around Houston, such as WAREHOUSE LIVE, MANGO's Live Music Venue, The JET LOUNGE, TOC BAR and many more! I just DON'T wanna stop this time! I feel MY LADIES need U-NeeK! My HOOD BITCHES need U-NeeK! My CRAZY LOCAS need U-NeeK! My REAL CHICKS need U-NeeK! My WOMEN and My YOUNG GIRLS that feel HELPLESS and HOPELESS sometimes, THEY need U-NeeK! And YOU Need U-NeeK!! :o) I've been through so much, and I jus wanna be able to tell you My Past, Where I'm at Now, and Where I'm tryna Go! I'm currently working on my solo mixtape, expressing my WILD THOUGHTS, my CRAZY EMOTIONS & my REAL-LIFE experiences! I'm very out-spoken and open-minded, so I think you might find some of my lyrics a lil' risque, if not, refreshing! Lol :) Either way, I'm hoping you can take time out ya schedule to PRESS PLAY on some of My Songs and Videos to give me at least ONE CHANCE! I'd TRULY appreciate it! I hope you enjoy and continue to ride along wit me through my Musical/Lyrical journey! Much LOVE, U-NeeK

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