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Viktor Apostolovski (1991) Viktor Apostolovski is a Macedonian singer, mostly known for his appearance in the Macedonian Idol show. His music career started off since he gained a huge amount of popularity, even though he didn’t expect it much. Viktor is born 12.02.1991 in Bitola, Macedonia. The city is known to have provided some of the best musicians who held the Macedonian stage. Music talents run in the Apostolovski family. Viktor’s grandfather and father used to be the greatest musicians in their youth, his mother was talented for singing, even though she never took it professionally, whereas his brother is a nine-year state champion in latin-american and standard dances. When asked about his childhood, Viktor likes to say “ My shoes walked my road. They know.”. As a child he was exposed to a much busier schedule than the kids his age. Apart from the school obligations, he was also training basketball and did swimming for 10 years, continuously considered as one of the best. Unlike other children, who always complain going to one school, Viktor attended two. Please add music school to the list. At the end of the day he was an obedient son, helping his father earn for a living. At the age of 14 he got accepted at the Bitola national music high-school, as one of the two best, among 50 applicants for opera singing studies. He did great in school, constantly being a straight A student. During his studies, he worked at the theater in Bitola and gained experience in acting. He played many roles and many plays like : - Fiddler on the roof - Heraclea and Likinie - Son in law for Christina and many others. After finishing high-school, he continued studying opera singing at the National Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje, Macedonia (2009 - 2013) As one of the most ambitious students of his generation, Viktor Apostolovski has won two first places in solfege competitions, and got two third places in opera singing competitions, both national contests. He and his choir have won two grand-prices at an international choir festival in Poland, 2010 and 2012. Another prize in his collection is number two at Melfest 2008, an international pop music festival, best stage performance on Makfest 2015 etc. The Macedonian Idol show might be the greatest success for Viktor. He became enormously popular and formed a huge fan base that still follows every breath he takes. He made it to the top 4 in the show, just a step away from the grand finale. Even though he didn’t win, he is still most wanted by the public. After the Macedonian Idol, Viktor introduced himself as a song - writer and a producer, releasing two albums: 1. Vo moite sni (In my dreams) 2. Vo Srceto ( In my heart) Music is not the only thing that brought awards to Viktor. He and his basketball team have won the national championship twice. He also has numerous medals in swimming, including 6 gold, 8 silver and 3 bronze. In the future, Viktor sees himself as a successful composer, writer and performer, fulfilled with what he does and as a true role model to the fans.

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