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Vblock Dutch is a Jamaican born triple threat- (Dancehall dj / Hip Hop mc / Record Producer) who migrated to Miami in the late 80's to Mia Fl. before moving to Brooklyn, NY in the mid-nineties where he began his music career. Exiled from Jamaica due to run-ins with the government, Dutch has turned to music to express his struggles and trials of being villainized because of the exploits of his father who was a continuous thorn in the side of the Jamaican politicians?. After his father was killed in a raid in 1989 Dutch went deep underground and carried out a spree of atrocities as acts of retribution for what he called "unforgivable acts against my family" but had to flee the country when his cover was blown by opps. Now on the run and taking on a new identity, this new project "Mr. Greenonit" consisting of 8 new songs mostly written and produced by himself, basically speaks of his affinity to things green and his journey from da hood to doing good. The project (MR GREENONIT) is out now on all platforms. Follow Vblock Dutch on social media @vblockthedon
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