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Windy City born, ViaMiztro explodes on the hip hop scene with their instant classic “Chicago State of Mind”. Before their adult life the two have never met, seen or heard of one another. Rocking the mics all over Chicago, the two talents were bound to cross. “Refuge Live is where it all started” as both agree that was the moment that changed their career for ever. Teaming up with LP Industries “THEENTSQD” was now in effect. Creating a tight circle in only a few short months with having LP Industries takeover all management and media duties for the rising stars. Finding their sound, working in the studio late nights, dealing with hate and adversity ViaMiztro made a pact to each other that they would make music for the people instead of commercializing themselves. "Steel sharpens Steel” says LP Industries as he instantly saw the potential in the two. “It’s an art it’s a craft, many people forget that nowadays and let money determine their path” as Viamiztro explains. Competing in multiple competitions on the Indienation platform, they quickly won the likes of “Anthony Barksdale” owner of Indienation. After only the 2nd single in 3 months from the two, Anthony named them his favorite duo and placed an Indienation sponsorship on them. ViaMiztro continued on smashing stage performances no matter where they headlined. 7 months after meeting the duo has gained a sponsorship, made several magazine connections as well online interview appearances, and created their debut album titled “The ViamIztro Effect”, which drops May 28th 2016. Instagram: @lp_industries

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