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"Here''s to your strength, your power and your passions!" ****************************************** Victoria Trinetti is a young pop singer who has just released her debut single, “Yesterday”. Victoria is passionate about empowering youth. ****************************************** Born in Toronto in January 1996, Victoria Trinetti started her career in singing, modeling and acting at a young age. She has been featured in several short movies and television series, including “Closed for the Season,” “Time in a Bottle,” “Colour,” and “Ghostly Encounters”. She also holds several beauty pageant titles such as “Perfect Pageant 2012-2013 – Most Photogenic,” “Junior Miss Canada Galaxy 2009-2010,” “Jr. Miss Greater Toronto Area Galaxy 2008-2009,” and “Ms. Teen Greater Toronto Area Galaxy 2010-2011.” ****************************************** Victoria decided to pursue her singing career after five years of intensive vocal training. Her first live singing performance took place at Glen Gould Studio at CBC Canada. She sang Adele’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – a fantastic performance which can be seen here: ****************************************** “YESTERDAY is dedicated to everyone who has stood by my side and supported me in good times and bad. My wish for all of you, who are listening to this song, is that you are inspired to help someone today, and help yourself today: to be stronger every day. We all have gifts to give … and those gifts need to be shared. Don’t run away from who you are … share your gifts today,” Victoria. ****************************************** For more info on Victoria Trinetti, please visit: Official Website: Facebook: Instagram: vtrinetti Twitter: @vtrinetti ****************************************** US and CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP **

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