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Viral Animal - A vision of something wild and untamed. What a perfect concept when referring to the musical innovation and creativity of EDM/Hip Hop Urban Producer (D Powers). D Powers is much respected in his hometown of Austin, Tx as a solo producer/artist/indie music ambassador, using his platform he created called to promote and diversify the thriving indie music scene. As an accomplished indie producer, songwriter, player, and performer, D is honing his craft with some of the industries most respected players like American Echo Records. Even more impressive (D Powers) is a Indie Ambassador for his own. When asked what is the most important thing to him being a Producer/Artist in the Industry he said: “I don’t just want to be a Voice I want to be a Presence! I don’t just try to set the bar I want to shatter. It’s a good time for Indie artist we just have to believe it and achieve it!”

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