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Waveline is a rap group consisting of two artist, Swish & Goldy. The group originated in Greensboro NC. Swish is from Greensboro NC and Goldy is from Brooklyn New York but migrated to Greensboro at a young age. Waveline is known to make "Pimp/Mack music" with UGK, Eight Ball & MJG, Outkast, and Max B, being their biggest influences. Swish & Goldy are different from most artist/groups due to their catchy lingo, song/style variety and non desire to step into the lanes of mainstream artist. Waveline prefers to make "pimp music", a lane that has yet to be hogged by the industry or upcoming artist. Waveline's debut mixtape 'Fed Up' is dropping May 5th 2014 via Soundcloud, Livemixtapes, Hotnewhiphop, and
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