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Originally from the DMV area, Wavie P. initially started his journey in music while in 7th grade band class, but his initial influences can be credited to GO GO n his cousin Jay constantly playing the likes of Wu Tang Clan, Nas, and many other East Coast legends at the time. From that moment, he was hooked and gravitated to his own personal taste, hence listening to T.I., The Diplomats, 2 Pac, Em...inem, early 50 Cent, etc. While in this class was the first time he spit his first rhyme and from there a curiosity sparked about how he match his wordplay and skills with that of those he looked up to at the time musically. While going through not only changes in his life musically and personally, Wavie developed a sense of his purpose for his music. Motivating while giving people his honest perspective of where he sees people can push themselves to better themselves in all aspects of their lives. 2008 was when Wavie started making his talents known publicly while filming freestyles on his laptop while in China on a Study abroad trip (he was going by Rakkem Rick). By the time 2010 rolled around and he was finished with school (B.A. in Hospitality Business, Mich. state), he was ready to set his sights on his hearts focus and took to the studio wheneer possible. Through multiple transitions of studios and other musical minds to work with Wavie has been able to piece together a pretty eclectic resume of his own brand of Hip hop referred to as Lifestyle muzik. Evolution of the Wave EP dropped unofficially May 2012. With the release of THREE projects in the works, numerous shows dates coming up and other ventures in the works, Wavie P. is turning into be a force to be reckoned with. #WatchtheWave #JointheEntourage #ADDAM

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