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Thanks for taking your time to stop by and check out what I have to offer. Let me introduce myself, I go by the name of White Rob aka Robert Mullins and I am 27 years old from Houston, Texas. I grew up extremely poor and in a very diverse area of the city on Bellfort Ave and MLK Blvd. A lifestyle of crime and drugs endured by my family eventually lead us out on the run from Texas authorities into Virginia. Missing my birthplace, friends, and family, I decided to try to find a way to stay in touch with my heritage and roots. Thus I began making the music I grew to love and respect as a youngster growing up.Upon a bitter divorce between my parents I was forced to make a decision in my life where to go once again. I eventually wound up living with my mother in low income apartments in SW Virginia also known as "The Sqaure/CSC. It was here when I was 12 years old that the name "White Rob" first got stuck to me. I was young and torn in the world and soon behind I followed in the footsteps of my blood and began doing things I shouldn't have. We won't get into specifics but it does make Em and some others look like a golden child. I took the name given by my peers (RIP Lemonte "Juan" Green) and others and thus launched a small music career under the alias "White Rob". I began recording and writing with others and eventually was ready to take it to the stage by the age of 16. I landed a spot at the "Salem Fair" in which I paid 30$ for 15 minutes on stage. During the performance I was spotted by a local club owner in Roanoke, VA and thus landed my first gig. Which landed a few more gigs and network opportunities. However, Shortly after I was arrested and served a 2 year bid. After my exit I shortly entered the music scene again but knew if I wanted to seperate myself from the trouble, I would have to change some things in my life. I got a regular job and eventually saved up enough $ to go in on a cell phone business in WV with someone I knew. The money was fantastic and thus I decided with my life changed and trouble far behind I would once again enter into the music scene. I met local artists from the area and eventually together we launched a massive music campaign. We mass distributed 1000's upon 1000's of free promo discs and placed them strategically at colleges, hoods, clubs, anywhere, and everywhere we could fit them on a windshield. The music and soul both came together in harmony and things were going great. We had shows all over the place, we had fans all over the place,and we had our networks in place. We made albums and mixtapes (From The Dirt Vol. 1,Vol.2,The Allure Promo,Dig Dug Mixtape) we recorded and did promotion for people. But trust me its never enough when you wanna be famous from doing this. NEVER QUIT! KEEP WORKING HARD! Cuz With things on a roll we knew roadblocks would soon follow. And yes ONCE again, the music was put on hold in early 2011 due to financial and travel restrictions. THIS IS IT! There is no coming and going anymore like I have my whole life. I have been doing this over 14 years and now I intend to back up every one of them years with new high quality music that will set the bar even for myself. Sit back, get ready, and look forward to what I have to bring to the table of Hip Hop/Rap,Rock,Remixes,promoting,advertising and more!! I do it all. Thanks for reading! ENJOY!!

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