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YBS is a pop-punk group, consisting of brothers Brandon Thomas and Leslie Michael. The Ch-town duo got their start doing hip-hop records in the early 2000's as "The RICHKIDDZ",sampling and remixing records for the likes of the Chi-Lites and others. Over the years, tapping into their favorite pop and rock influences(Michael Jackson Jimi Hendrix Green Day…) Brandon and Leslie have morphed their own sound and discovered a fresh new genre which they affectionately referred to as "NorthSide Punk" (NSP)! Today, Leslie and Brandon are known as YBS! Their new smash hit "Monday" promises to fill dance floors and give fans a taste of what "NSP" is all about. YBS is currently touring regionally promoting their record and in the studio producing new tracks for their upcoming album release entitled "WYTPRVLDG"!

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