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Coming from Mobile, Alabama, out of the Toulminville Community, Yeauwah is definitely no stranger to struggle. Moving back and forward from Mobile to Montgomery in his early childhood he was exposed to more than just life in "the hood." He was forced to learn how to adapt to situations that were foreign to him on various occasions. Music was always one of his favorite past times. Being the only child for 11 years it kept him grounded and happy. After going to high school he became the announcer for the John L. Leflore High School Marching Band his "Junior" year and would later tour all around the south eastern states rocking crowds and shaking stadiums. The next year to follow he joined the band as, 1/4 of the bass drum section. Immediately after high school at the age of 17 he was forced to enter the United States Air Force... Let's just say his eyes were opened very wide at this time in his life. He was still into music heavy and it seems that everyone he came in close contact with was about the same thing. When he made it back home to Mobile, AL he realized that life in Alabama was slower than the life he lived in Germany when he was in the military. One day in 2008 after the death of Pimp C, he decided that he wanted to be serious with the entertainment industry and end all of the evil, corrupt and disloyal ways of entertainers and promoters in the industry. After getting a position, as an intern, at 93BLX, in Mobile back in July of 2009, he fastly migrated to one of the most common names in the city and later received a part time position. Now you can find him all around the south doing the same thing he has always done, but now at a different capacity. In 2013 he left the music industry in hopes of saving his city, by running for public office. In 2018 he decided after losing in the election that he would return to the music industry and tell his side of the story through song.

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