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Young Gucci Kurrly (born March 16, 1998) is an American rapper from College Park, Georgia. He is currently unsigned and independent for his own Young Grand Kings Incorporation (YGK INC). Young Gucci Kurrly is set to release his debut album “Haters Inspire Me” in March 2015. The album is sure to make an impact and be talked about for a long while, not only to his city but across the nation. RudeBoy and several other companies have shown interest in this new album which will be featured worldwide on all major markets. Young Gucci Kurrly started rapping at 16 years old and is dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes to make a name for himself across Hip-Hop’s capital in Atlanta, Georgia. His unique flow and ability to write genius lyrics and perform them with style have got people talking. Young Gucci Kurrly is a major name coming up in the rap game. As we advance in the year make sure to keep an eye on him as he makes waves! He has hit potential and is on the path to be another great rapper to come out of Atlanta. Now take a time to listen to the young man from the Parks and see his talent on a full-fledged scale. The Young Gucci Kurrly app and his previews are on his Reverbnation profile.

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