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You all know him as Yung Blaze. Heres how this rising rap star got started. Elvis Eugene Turron "BlaqueWolf" Collins was born (May 10, 1993) in San Diego, CA. Raised by my father, Jesse Joseph Collins. Always being around adults he was taught respect at an early age. He started his education in (1994) at the age of 18 months old learning the alphabet, to spell, read, write, and mathematics. in (1996) At the age of 3 he started working with his father as his partner in window cleaning showing hard work, determination, and loyalty. When he started school he was spelling over 500 words could already read, write, and knew all basics of math. He was always on top of my game when it came to his education. He has been singing since (1997) the age of 4 then in the 6th grade (2004) he discovered he had great talent when it came to music. From singing to instruments and now to rapping and knew this was something he could go on doing. When rap called to him (2006) he was inspired by the movie “Get Rich or Die Trying.”(2005) This movie inspired him because (Qouting Yung Blaze) "it shows how your dreams make out who you are and based on the determination and motivation makes out who you will become." He wasn’t the only one to feel this way, a couple friends of his felt the same, so they all put their heads and talent together to form the rap crew called “Blaze Kidz.” After they came up with the name for the crew they all agreed to have the word "Blaze" in their name so he thought long and hard and at the time he was known for his temper and people would always say that once he gets mad his anger starts to raises like a blazing fire and he was young so he claimed the name, Yung Blaze. The Blaze Kidz recorded one song that had no meaning, they were all just saying any random thing that may have sounded hard that gave them more of a hardcore reputation but at the time it didn’t matter what they said it just sounded cool. Yung Blaze then took leadership in to his own hands and told them that they had to record another song but because other people liked the first song they became cocky and selfish and he didn’t want to be part of that, (2007) he left the group and went solo. After being solo for about 1 month he realized that it was hard to come with song topics especially when he didn’t have 4 other heads on the job so he quit. Sometime later in (2008) he went through a series of life changing events with girls, family, friends, and his self. He explored his emotions and his feelings and wrote down how he felt writing a series of poems and ever where he went (Qoutting Yung Blaze) "I hear beats in my head and made the words match the beat," and from that point he knew that his emotions, feelings, and life experiences were the fuel to his songs. Further down the road in (2008) when he got into high school and took his music career more seriously by entering talent shows, performing at clubs, parties or even just free styling in public but he knew that music is what he wanted to do it was like a second nature to him. He ended up becoming better and better honing his skills and taken his self to the next level. Performing all over SD his name is getting known building his reputation and owning everything that is said about his music (Versatile, rapper, singer, producer, actor) Just recently in January of (2012) he was signed and is now managed by Brendan Kregal who is CEO of Sky High Ent. The Sky High family saw Yung Blaze perform at liked his style and the next called him up discussing business and the talk of adding him into the family. Right away everything fell into place being partnered up with other SD artist, friends, women and all the luxeries of a music artist. One thing that will never change (Qouting Yung Blaze) "I will never forget the streets i came from, the people i grew up with, or the schools and places i went to, I am San Diego, King of Cali, repping my city till i die.

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