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Bryant Richard aka Yung Bleek born on April 7, 1984 is a creative and poetic up and coming artist from the 9th ward in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the youngest of 4 in a single family home with his mother. He states that growing up in New Orleans was rough and the streets taught him the game and how to survive. He grew up listening to rappers like Soulja Slim, Lil Wayne, Mr. Magic, and a few others to name the least. His life story is thought to be horrific especially when he lost his only brother Courtney at the age of 14. After he lost his brother, rapping became his safe heaven, “a way to express his feelings!” Since then , he’s been doing collabs with his cousin/ label mate Fire with Murda Prince Productions. They have numerous songs on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Songs like Gunsmoke, Hi-Tek, and his #1 single Shit Real have over 8,500 streams on Spotify
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