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Adel Mesic (Born April 10, 1992), Better known by his stage name Yung Bosna is a Bosnian-born American hip hop artist from Tesanj, Bosnia Adel Mesic Who is known better by his stage name "Yung Bosna" April 10, 1992 who was born in A small European Country Bosnia & Herzegovina at the time of war!! ( Bosnian Genocide ) Him, his older brother Dzenan Mesic, older sister Jasmina Mesic and Mother Snjezana Bajric Mesic left Bosnia due to the things going on back home, meanwhile Adel's father Senad Mesic was a part of that war in Bosnia and he had later got away and came to Germany where He would reunite with Adel and family, shortly after Fathers arrival in Germany at age 3 Adel was diagnosed with heart problems and due to lack of eating neither Adel or Family were sure if he'd survive so Adel was taken to a local hospital in Germany were had spent 6 months of his life shortly after they had performed surgery and left him with 50 stitches down his chest ( those scars still show to this day) , he had gotten better and healthy and had left the hospital and he then went home. realized that due to problems between father and neighbor Adel and Family had decided leave Germany and make their way to America at age 6 Adel started going to school at Bennion shortly after learning the English language he started getting more hip to the American Culture it didn't take long for him and His brother Dzenan to start listening to Hip Hop being the favorite sound of what they heard so they started following artists such as Nelly, Eminem , TI , Ludacris and many more , when Adel was in 4th grade the family had a huge fallout Dad started getting in trouble with cops and laws in so shortly after all the trouble and jail time Father Senad Mesic had gotten deported out of America and sent back to home!! At the time Adel and Family where taken in by Dzenan's and family friend Brian Foster and Debbie O'brien who had helped them be safe and protected and immediately got them into Shelter at the time of all this moving and trying to get settled in Adel, his brother Dzenan and sister Jasmina had a really hard time because they were forced to start over and over again as they where switching schools frequently so it was hard for them to make true friends that would stick by in about 6th grade they had gotten settled in at KRH ( Kathleen Robinson Huntsman ) an apartment center that was built for single mothers struggling which didn't allow any Male over the age of 18 while at KRH Adel started attending Bryant Jr High in 7th grade now after 7th grade Adel and family had to move again but, this time a move made that would last They moved to Midvale, Utah into the apts Chadds Ford where Adel had to start over again and make new friends although it was very hard on him to start over he got to union and that's where he had met and linked up with Andre Primus shortly after they discovered Y.H.B.H. And both launched their music careers and still to this stay stick together make music and have put on a show across the wasatch front at many Venues, Clubs and shows opened for Big Names such as The Ying Yang Twins, Baby Bash, Bobby Brackins, YG, Cassidy and many more to mention ... , Yung Bosna and Y.H8 also performed at homegrown stage for Summer Jam 2013, performed at Lunar Music Festival 2013 , also headlined their own concert with over 700 people attending at the complex!! Yung Bosna is supported locally , and is nationally making his name and also gets global support with fans back in his homeland Bosnia!!

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