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Brendon Lewis was born in Clarksville TN, on March 27 1987. Brendon always had an ear for music. When Brendon was the age of 5 he moved to Romulus Mi. From then to the present time, he has been successful in his music career. Brendon grew up playing the piano in church for several of choirs and different events. Brendon gained a lot of knowledge from playing the piano, keyboard and organ. Brendon has always been a humble and giving individual. When Brendon entered into the 7th grade, he started becoming better at what he was doing. He has always had a passion for being a successful producer. A year later he was ready to get his own studio. Working with his first group of the artist he was giving the name “Yunng Prahlum”. Brendon started to search more and more for artist looking for hot tracks. The word was getting out, that this young middle school dude was selling CDs with beats on them. Brendon really gained a lot of customers. When Brendon got to high school he was labeled the man in Romulus making beats. Brendon is the type of producer that isn’t doing music just for the money. He does it because of the love and respect he has for his gift that God has given to him. Brendon thanks the Lord every day for blessing him with such a gift that can inspire other people. He cares about working together. His thing is you can get further with 2 instead of 1. Today Brendon has his own Record. Company" CIPHER 1 Records Co" Production company, called “Yunng Prahlum Productions”. He put his first compilation album out called “Lyrical Assault”. Brendon’s goals of being a producer, is to make a big difference and have a great impact on the music industry. Brendon works on tracks all night and day, just to put different artist on them. Brendon says that’s his ways of networking with other producers and artist. Brendon will always be successful, because he doesn’t let the money take over what he loves doing. He knows how easy it is to let the money take control, and when the money is in control you would do anything. Yunng Prahlum is the producer and artist that you want on your production team.

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