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Yvng $unrise , born Christopher Westbrooks is a 20 year old rapper-songwriter, who has been writing music since his early teens. Began recording at the age of 15 as a hobby rather than a future career, and at the end of his High school campaign he started writing on a more consistent bases. “After i graduated, i asked myself now what ? keep working minimum wage until i retire ? Then I reached out to God for a sign and I came up with… music”. So from the summer of 2013, Christopher Westbrooks reinvented himself as the rapper “Yvng $unrise” taken from the Chesapeake neighborhood “Sunrise Hills”. As expected, $unrise took to social media to get more exposure to the world with Instagram, Soundcloud, and Twitter. Over the course of the next few months he amassed 16,000+ followers, hundreds of connections, and being followed by a few verified accounts on Twitter (Young sam, Young scooter, Chyna Cymone, Joy collins, Alex Kukunis, DJ King Assassin and WEM just to name few) Has began releasing his debut EP “The Hills Have Eyes”, which has been doing pretty well to have all the song dropped at a different time. “Im aiming for 20,000 views on my first tape, and ill be happy”. "The Hills Have Eyes" is currently @ 100,000+ plays

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