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New York’s "ZILL$ GREATSON" says “I’m one of the greatest” as he explains his inspiration for the viral video “SHEMON MJ”. “I watched all of Michael Jackson videos and moves, after begging my moms to buy the Michael Jackson jacket and gloves I spent most of my time for years practicing his moves”. He laughs as he states “I finessed the moonwalk tho, word”, I had to fall back cause mom dukes always wanted me to dance, everything from the moonwalk to the Harlem shake. Founder of Def Squad productions and co-founder of Hit Squad Erick Sermon stated "This is it; thats the one", when it comes to ZILL MONEY’S single “SHEMON MJ”. ZILL continued “I love MJ music his dance moves his energy as a entertainer and he always made me feel like I’m Michael Jackson. Erick said this never been done before, y’all got one. This time around “Pay Attention” is one of the best mixtapes of all time. This Brooklynite allowed this generation to understand what it means to be awarded five mics in the 90’s. ZILL as transformed into diving into his craft. The harmonizing, the rugged to Brooklyn’s drill sound and bridging the gap between old school underground rap to New York Street Tlk. From leading the drum section of NYC Jackie Robinson marching band, debut in every thing from web series to the movie "Our Song" starring Kerry Washington. ZILL$ is an Artist, still making beats, playing drums, guitars, and boards, this what makes him Mr. Greatson. In transforming his gritty lyrics to a harmonious Mr. StreetTLK DA Poet, we introduce ZILL$ GREATSON @ 


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