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Zachary Whitney better known by his stage name Ziti Thoro, is an american rapper hailing from Columbia, SC now living in Decatur, GA. His passion for music started early in his childhood, as he would listen to his mom play and perform on her grand piano. During elementary school his older cousin moved in to Ziti’s household to live with Ziti, and his mother and brother. Ziti’s cousin introduced him to the art of rapping at age 11, showing Ziti how to write bars and the basics of song structure. Ziti’s cousin would take him to Sam Goody constantly for new music. From then on, Ziti jotted hundreds of rhymes inside of his school notebook. During his middle school years, Ziti would battle rap with his classmates on the back of the bus. As a youth, he and his friends, the “HBC Clique” hustled money together from selling burned cds. They used this money to buy their own recording equipment. The friends soon grew apa rt as they went through high school. Ziti continued to create music, learning fl studio and cool edit pro to record his raps and make his own beats. Being a late bloomer he kept these gifts to him self. Once graduating from high school, Ziti did not know what he wanted to do. He knew that he wanted to pursue music. Two years removed from high school he decided to attend Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA. He continued to work on his abilities during his matriculation. In 2013 Ziti decided to pursue his rap career full time. March 2015 Ziti plan’s to release his first solo project “TheComeUP” with production from SouthpawBCE, Cardo, ChrisMac, himself, and Purps of 808 mafia.
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