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ZOLI BABY!!! LETZ GET IT THE VILL WE IN NIZ THANG NORTHSIDE LETZ DO IT HUNTS VEGAS LETS DO IT REC1 ENT# CAMP LIFE ZOLI BABY!!! WE HERE!!!!! Born on the North-Side of The VILL Raised in Meadow Hills ZOLI AKA EZZY Grew up with a wide range of musical influences such as MC Hammer,No Limit, NWA, Bone Thugz N Harmony 2Pac, Biggie ZOLI began rapping an freestylein in Rolling Hills Elementary School To classmates an teachers by middle school had writ-in at least 1000 songs AN CONTINUES writing songs about LIFE, and the HUSTLE an The GRIND Blending the Futuristic BEATZ of today with the Lyrical Flow Yesterday into a new ((SOUTHERSOUND))ZOLI Starded Writing and recording Muzik in high school at ))))LEE HIGH SCHOOL(((( ZOLI and The REC1#ENT CLICK CAME UP IN THE KRUNK ERA AND Has evloved with the {[[RAPGAME]]}AND ZOLI starded on the long Road of Recording Quality Muzik For The FANZ AN THE HOOD #### NOW ITZ TIME#####WE ALL GOTTA PUT IT ALL ON THE LINE TO BRING ,THE CITY UP...........ALABAMA STAND UP!!!!!! WE ON A NEVA ENDIN GRIND///////HUNTS VEGAZ//KRUNKZ VILLE!!!!!! WE WORK HARD WE PLAY HARDED"""" WE IN HERE BABY!!!\\\\\\\\REC1#ENT IN NIZ THANG>>>>LETZ GET IT>>>>>>MORE NEWZ COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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