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Lorenzo Bio I was born Lorenzo Emmarco Clark-Minor on July 28,1983 in Chicago, Illinois. I am the oldest of four children and the only son of my parents. I left Chicago at the age of ten to escape the growing gangs and violence that had errupted in my neighborhood which was on the southside of Chicago on 71st and Racine Avenue, Englewood district. I always used to listen to my music it was a way to escape, when I had no way to. My rap book & Journal became my bible. I was able to express my hurts and pains through my lyrics that 's how I escaped daily. I come from a big family with lots of love and lots of discipline and father figures. My granddad was and still is my hero as well as my father. My music is mostly a reflection from the artists that I appreciate such a Twista, Kanye West and Common Da Brat Crucial Conflict R Kelly all Chicago's finest. In Indy I attended Lawrence North High where I meet good people to name a few "Trajik" and "Conte" both long time friends and fellow rappers. I hope to make a difference in the rap game with my lyrics. My lyrics express real life things. I will continue to grind.
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