2Pac - Eternal Legend

Mixed By: DJ September 7th

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Release Date: 9/7/2011

Rates: 22 Average: 3
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Track List
  • 01-Shakur Intro
  • 02-Changes RMX (Prod. by Amplified)
  • 03-Here We Go (Prod. by Dae One)(Scratches by DJ Yoshe)
  • 04-Problem Child ft. Mistah F.A.B. (Prod. by 21 The Producer)
  • 05-Remain True ft. Kurupt (Prod. by DJ Numbawun)
  • 06-When We Come 4 U ft. Paria B (Prod. by Brainiac Beats)
  • 07-Trust ft. K-Young (Prod. by DJ Numbawun)
  • 08-Compagno ft. Outlawz (Prod. by THX)
  • 09-My Mind ft. One-2 (Prod. by Komplex)
  • 10-If I Wasn't Spittin ft. Young Noble & Layzie Bone (Prod. by 21 The Producer)
  • 11-$$$ (Prod. by DJ Numbawun)
  • 12-Murderous Mindstate ft. Shawn Caliber (Prod. by Dae One)
  • 13-Down 2 Ride ft. Joe Moses & Rideout (Prod. by Kajmir)
  • 14-Tha Pac In Me ft. Mopreme & Heisman Diablo (Prod. by Focus)(Scratches by DJ Julian Ramirez)
  • 15-My Prophecy ft. Kadafi & Edi (Prod. by Dae One)
  • 16-183rd & Walton (Prod. by Blue Sky Black Death)
  • 17-Static (Prod. by Blue Sky Black Death)
  • 18-Temor A La Muerte ft. Crooked I (Prod. by DJ Numbawun)
  • 19-Fuck Friends (Prod. by Focus)(Scratches by DJ Yoshe)
  • 20-Scream ft. Alph-A-Bit (Prod by DJ Numbawun)(Scratches by DJ Julian Ramirez)
  • 21-True N.I.G.G.A.Z. ft. Hassan (Prod. by 21 The Producer)
  • 22-Sorriso ft. Scarface & Johnny P (Prod. by Amplified)
  • 23-(BONUS TRACK) Nympho (Prod. by DJ Numbawun)
  • 24-(BONUS TRACK) Nympho RMX (Prod. by Kajmir)
  • 25-(BONUS TRACK) Here We Go RMX (Prod. by Amplified)(scratches by DJ YOSHE)