Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip - The Abstract And The Dragon

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Release Date: 12/12/2013

Rates: 16 Average: 2.5
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Track List
  • 1.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Introlisten download
  • 2.A Tribe Called Quest Feat Busta Rhymes-God Lives Through
  • 3.Q-Tip Feat Busta Rhymes-Gettin Up DJ Scratch Remix
  • 4.A Tribe Called Quest feat. Busta Rhymes & Redman - Steppin' It Up
  • 5.Busta Rhymes Feat Q-Tip Lil Wayne Kanye West-Thank You Kid Capri Remix
  • 6.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Always Add On Interlude
  • 7.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-The Abstract The Dragon
  • 8.A Tribe Called Quest Feat Busta Rhymes-Wild Hot
  • 9.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Speaks Skit
  • 10.A Tribe Called Quest Feat Busta Rhymes-One Two Shit
  • 11.Bust Rhymes Q-Tip-We Taking Off
  • 12.Q-Tip Feat Busta Rhymes Raekwon Lil Wayne-Renaissance Rap Remix
  • 13.Q-Tip - N.T.
  • 14.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Butch Sundance
  • 15.Shaheem Reid-Speaks Skit
  • 16.Busta Rhymes-Pardon My Ways ELE 2 Exclusive
  • 17.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming Skit
  • 18.Q-Tip - For The Nasty
  • 19.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Come On Down Skit
  • 20.Big Daddy Kane Feat Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Come On Down
  • 21.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-J Dilla Skit
  • 22.Busta Rhymes - You Can't Hold The Torch
  • 23.Busta Rhymes Feat Q-Tip Talib Kweli-Lightworks
  • 24.Busta Rhymes Q-Tip-Chris Lighty Skit
  • 25.Q-Tip Feat Busta Rhymes Missy Elliott-Vivrant Thing
  • 26.Busta Rhymes - Ill Vibe
  • 27.A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario
  • 28.A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario