Purple Light - Paper & Plastic

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Release Date: 9/12/2012

Rates: 9 Average: 1.78
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Track List
  • 1.Ironman- ft. Prano, Rip and Midnight Blue
  • 2.My Town- ft. Rip and Prano
  • 3.Drop That Thang- ft. Prano, Rip and Jhoni GoodVibes
  • 4.Eyes Closed- ft. Rip and Prano
  • 5.State of Sunshine 2 (Remix)- ft. Prano, GreyNotez, Six7, Rip and Feen
  • 6.I'm Clean- ft. Rip and 1Hot
  • 7.Headache- ft. Rip and Prano
  • 8.Murder- ft. Rip and Prano
  • 9.Big Ballin - ft. Prano and Rip
  • 10.Naked- ft. Rip, Prano and E.Mackey
  • 11.M.Y.O.B.- ft. Prano, Eric Biddines and Rip
  • 12.Ms. Jane- ft. Jhoni GoodVibes, Rip and Prano
  • 13.The Devil Dances- ft. Prano and Rip
  • 14.Til' We Fall- ft. Prano and Jhoni GoodVibes
  • 15.Untouchable- ft. Rip, Jhoni GoodVibes and Prano
  • 16.Bonus Track Deuce Bigalow (Remix)- ft. Rip, Soto and Prano
  • 17.Bonus Track Damn (Remix)- ft. Rip and Prano
  • 18.Online Bonus Track Roller Coaster ft. Rip and Prano