Soul Mystic - Mind Expanding Mixtape

Mixed By: DJ September 7th

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Release Date: 1/7/2012

Rates: 21 Average: 3.33
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Track List
  • 01-Mind Expanding Intro
  • 02-Welcome To The Party
  • 03-Do What You Wanna Do ft. Mondisa
  • 04-Step Into The Light
  • 05-Sad Lion ft. Madvise
  • 06-In Dreams About You
  • 07-Ashes To The Wind
  • 08-My Thoughts Escape (Time Will Tell) ft. Xulogic
  • 09-Super Vision ft. Xulogic
  • 10-Seasonal Love ft. Shalee
  • 11-War Is The Method ft. Madvise
  • 12-Weapons Of Mass Distraction (The Scott McClellan Anthem) ft. Xulogic
  • 13-Letters From The War Front ft. Shalee
  • 14-Eternal Energy
  • 15-Roadblock ft. Mondisa
  • 16-If Today Was Your Last Day ft. Mondisa
  • 17-Love To Give ft. Mondisa