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Please fill out the following application to become an official Coast 2 Coast Street Representative in your market. The process is 100% free and open to anybody, just like all of our mixtapes. You will be sent the high quality audio, high quality printable covers, and on disc print for every Coast 2 Coast Mixtape. You will be allowed to duplicate and distribute the mixtapes in your market in physical form, but cannot alter the mixtapes in any way. You are NOT allowed to resend the mixtape digitally to any kind of mailing list or post on any site. Your information will be kept private and we will use your address to send the official street team materials and your email will be entered to our distributor mailing list where you will be sent all of the mixtapes the second they are released. You will be our official Coast 2 Coast contact in your market and we may contact you to assist in events and other market specific situations.
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