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Beginner Single Promotion

The Coast 2 Coast DJ Coalition is made of over 2000 DJs that are dedicated to breaking new artists. We have created a package to allow artists to service our DJs with new records as well as get numerous promotions to our extensive fan and partner fan lists. This package is a great starter package to get your single the buzz needed to break into the new music industry!

Package Details

  • Mixtape Posted on Home Page
  • Sponsored Mixtape on (Free Unlimited Downloads)
  • Posted on Coast 2 Coast Facebook with 125,000+ Fans
  • Posted 5x on all Coast 2 Coast Twitter Accounts with 150,000+ followers
  • Posted on with HTML5 Player (iPhone Streaming)
  • Mixtape Blasted and posted to all 5,000+ members of Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Community
  • Custom Mixtape Distribution Report

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