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Alonzo "Jizockk" Brown
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What’s a Jizockk? Few people have the right combination of skills, talent, and initiative to make it in the music industry. Miami resident Alonzo “Jizockk” Brown not only has a unique work ethic that is hard to come by in any field, but the drive that will ensure his success. Jizockk has been steadily pursuing a career not only as a hip hop artist, but as a music professional as well. Now living in Miami for over a year, he is working full-time toward a degree in audio production at Miami International University of Art and Design, has been engineering for local Miami artists, and has expanded his repertoire to include video production for companies like Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and He is also a regular opinion columnist in Coast 2 Coast Magazine, and has interviewed popular artists Malice (of the Clipse), Big Sean, Ace Hood, Miguel and many other independent artists for the magazine and company. With a background as diverse as he boasts and a seemingly never-ending grind, Jizockk is sure achieve his professional goals in this music industry.